Innovation, consumer demands, and a rapidly-growing population have transformed the automotive service industry. Expertise in technology, problem-solving, and strategic thinking are hallmarks of this profession. Vocation? Not exactly. Exciting, life-long career? Absolutely.

Education, Recalibrated

As the nation’s automotive service industry leaders, ASE re-imagined a new way of cultivating an inspired workforce. They set out to bridge the gap between the business world’s needs and how we teach our students. Our nation’s students deserve it. Employers require it. Consumers expect it. Road safety depends on it.

Meet the ASE Industry Educational Alliance

ASE looked at the big picture—the entire learning lifecycle—and designed a solution accordingly that aligns schools, students, instructors, training managers and employers in a holistic, powerful system.

The result? The ASE Industry Education Alliance. Launched 4 years ago, the Alliance is a network of non-profit organizations engineered from the ground up to improve the quality of automotive education:


ASE-logo-color-copy The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
Since 1972, ASE has been testing and certifying automotive professionals across the country—promoting quality and upholding rigorous standards for professionals at all proficiency levels.


The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).
Evaluates and accredits entry-level automotive technology education programs against standards developed by the automotive service industry.



Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES)
Career-readiness education for students that fuses local partnerships, rigorous standard-based education, workplace experience and mentorship.



The Automotive Training Managers Council (ATMC)
Council of automotive training professionals focused on innovative, effective strategies to improve and to better train working automotive professionals.