•  Michael Alford

    Alford Michael Alford was 16 when he started to follow in his dad’s footsteps with a career as a professional automobile technician. He was so eager to be a Honda Technician that he transferred schools to be in the AYES program after talking to the instructor. In 2007, Michael completed his AYES internship at Walsh Honda in Macon, Georgia. He learned under Honda Master Technician “Ziggy”, completing the required course work from American Honda to become the youngest Honda Certified technician in the USA at age 17.
    Walsh Honda is proud to say that Michael is one of their best technicians today progressing up the ranks to Master status. Click here to read the published article about Michael.


    Bryan Faucette

    Bryan Faucette was not the type of high school student to sit at a desk all day.

    Once he enrolled at the NATEF-accredited Frederick County Career and Technology Center, he applied for an internship through Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES) with Darcars Toyota of Frederick.

    “AYES has opened even more doors for me, such as T-TEN,” Faucette said.

    Levon Tarver

    Levon Tarver was very successful as an AYES intern at the NATEF-accredited Hutchings Career Center, Macon, Georgia. He had excellent mentors at the dealership during his  internship. He earned a gold medal at the Georgia SkillsUSA State Conference at the age of 15—catching the attention of his future employers at BMW of Macon.

    Levon went on to be awarded scholarships for post-secondary training and BMW STEP program training where he excelled. Before he was 21, Levon was a certified BMW technician and was able to hold his own on the shop floor because of all the support he had from his mentors.

    Levon with 2005 Skills Award and one year later with (l to r) his Service Manager Richard Haynes, AYES Mentor Shane Brown and Automotive Instructor Sonny Reeves.

    Today Levon has found his passion in teaching, returning to teach at his former training center at Hutchings Career Center.

    Click here to see the full story plus video.







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