Maybe you’ve always wanted to fix things—your curiosity to “look under the hood” has led you to some interesting places (hint: ever take apart an appliance?). Or perhaps you like to work with your hands—building, tinkering, configuring. You’re a maker and creator. Or possibly you’ve always had a fascination with cars and trucks, the ways they work, sound, perform—the whole culture.

Whatever the case, the automotive service industry summons you: the fixers, makers, do-ers and problem-solvers. There’s a whole new world of opportunity for such young minds and talents. What used to be considered “vo-tech” is now an innovative, rewarding, fast-paced career path with many options for growth.

Some graduates are excited to earn income directly after graduating from high school. Others pursue further post-secondary instruction. Many begin on a secure career path with plenty of options for upward growth.

“Pursuing automotive service means you’re committed to a prosperous and meaningful future. It means you’re contributing your skills and talents to help our country grow, evolve, and keep our roads safe.”

There are 3 over arching programs of study for secondary and post-secondary training.

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